Natan Diacon-Furtado

Infinity Patterns

Our Patterns

I collaborate with communities, built environments and material histories to realize projects focused on identity creation and storytelling. As an artist of Brazilian and American citizenship my work embraces a globally southern heritage of fundamental geometries and pattern-making as visual translation devices for experiencing and exploring these stories through printmaking, sculpture and digital projection.Process oriented and deeply rooted within the exploration of issues of culture and identity, my practice engages in visual code-switching: manipulating diaristic hand-printed patterns into ephemeral objects that explore, reveal, create and recreate the layers of space between myself and the many communities I exist within as a globally southern person of color.

Recent experiments and evolutions in my collaborative practice include working asynchronously with 100 students at Ball State University to create a shared visual language on Instagram (to be featured in the upcoming issue of the international design magazine CLOG), beta-testing an open-ended sculptural system for visual field work at the Joan Mitchell Foundation Center, and using zines to transmit original sculptures.

Watch the short documentary on my work, “Circling,” here.